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Floral Computer Systems

Floral Computer Systems proudly endorses Service First Processing.  

Smart System-Complete business management software for floral growers, wholesalers & importers. The SMARTSystem Inventory, Sales & Management Software enhances your business’s natural workflow. It allows ALL your departments to know exactly what is in stock, where it’s located and how many you have. Easy barcoding allows each inventory unit to be tracked. Sales knows precisely how many of each item is available for sale, and each sale automatically updates the inventory on-hand quantity. Warehousing and shipping become a breeze, with all departments working together harmoniously from the same database. The SMARTSystem is currently in use by over 70 floral companies across the US and Canada to increase the efficiency and profitability of their businesses

Floral Computer Customers call 855-632-9862 for service and program information.

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Whether you are a seasoned merchant looking to increase your profit margin or are new to credit card processing, our team of experts can help you navigate the often complicated world or merchant processing. 

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