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Vision Imaging Partners proudly endorses Service First Processing.  

Vision Imaging Partners was established in 1997 to preserve the independence and integrity of Medical Imaging Service and Supply companies through a nationwide network of dealers dedicated to common goals and strategies for the future, which includes the power of group purchasing contracts. Vision is a corporation comprised of 80+ independent medical imaging dealers nationwide and still growing. We joined in partnership to improve the quality of products and services offered to the medical imaging community. Our members primarily focus on the hospital and private practice markets. Over 50 participating manufacturers and service providers comprise the Vision Imaging Partners Portfolio of quality products and services offered.

Vision Imaging Partners members call 800-886-2352 for program information.

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Let us help increase your bottom line

Whether you are a seasoned merchant looking to increase your profit margin or are new to credit card processing, our team of experts can help you navigate the often complicated world or merchant processing. 

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